The project

Ah si si si !, is a 7-musicians-band that is based on the will to travel by bike, and an attraction to the south-american culture and landscape. The road trip will start from Décember, 2014 in Santiago (Chile) and will come to its end in June 2015 in Ecuador, after having crossed Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru.


“Fanfare” and bicycle

« Ah si si si ! » is based on two fundamental ideas : exchange and sparing means. In terms of exchange, bicycle – a slow and soft means of transportation – and street performance seem to us two important tools to give priority to proximity and sharing with populations : we want to travel around South America without any filter nor superficiality.  In terms of sparing means, the couple fanfare / bicycle remains relevant : bicycling and an itinerant way of life will make us adapt, as acoustic music and jamming already involves this adaptability.

Basically, « Ah si si si ! », far from a vain or gratuitous project, offers, by these two activities (music and sport) that are essential and physically demanding, to go to meet one part of the world and to stick more tightly to it : in short, to get involved in our travel and lives.